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35 - active fandom is active

Sep. 3rd, 2010 | 01:11 pm
mood: ecstaticecstatic

I hadn't been in Kanjani8 Eden in quite a long time now
but now that I did, i feel ... confused
whats 'patch'?
what's 'prologue'?
what the heck is club8? whats that website for? it seems like its counting down to something..?
whats with the nicknames? ACE?
where in the world is Ryo's shop photos for LIFE?

i can't believe how VERY active fandom is recently!! :D
Only a few months ago i remember ranting about how NEWS was dead & Ryo was invisible in the media
Johnny old man is a genius i say! He'll deprive us for the longest time until it drives us batshit & then BAM fandom galore *_*

active fandom makes me happy as a dolphin 8DCollapse )

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33 - I miss Rnk way more than i probably should ha

Aug. 31st, 2010 | 05:07 pm
mood: tiredtired

I'm still alive (it seems that most entries on here start with this sentence o.O)
summer vacations only a few days more, then off to Uni.
I can't say I'm excited, nor am i not excited.
t's more "ahh~ when it comes i guess it'll come" feeling for now.
guess i'll just have to look up & go.

I was sorting out files in my documents & putting needed files into CDs & deleting the rest.
I found a huge stash of fandom pics.
It's odd..i almost never look at them again once i save it (minus random times like these i stumble upon them & decide to go through every picture & giggle at funny ones)...but i feel a bit 'guilty' or somethign when i think of deleting them.
i usually save them for the sake of "portrait references" or "lolpics" but there are others i should just get rid of & create space on my pc =/ maybe i'll just upload them on lj so in some random case i really need a certain picture for something i'll have it :) it just feels stupid saving so many random pictures onto a cd..

also, all of a sudden after going through video files, I miss Ryusei no kizuna so much!
Honestly, i absolutely loved it. <3
it had elements of good acting, 'b'aww moments', suspense, family, friendship, love, comedy, randomness & the absolute most beautiful ending for a drama i've ever seen.
The cast's interaction with each other & all the promos were just so loveable. & i usually don't watch too many promos for dramas whether or not it has Ryo in it :P
i'd even rate it a perfect drama. the episodes just kept getting better & better each time..which i find a lot of dramas these days just lack =/
of course Taisuke was awesome & probably Ryo's best acting role ;)
start of Ryo's periodic drama angsty-ing

no ryo drama is complete without him crying in it of course

this scene was real pretty i remember :)

i'd buy anything if this salesman asked me ._.

this scene had me laughing & re-playing so much idek rofl IT'S MONKEY TIME BABE

otaku ftw 8D


apron suits this man so much (I WANT TO SEE CHONPURI RIGHT NOW T_T)

why is there a dead lady in the bg o.o?!

i wish i had more screencaps of him.. he was absolutely brilliant *_*
he turned me into his fan with this drama <3
what with his deep talk of having pole babies. damn i miss these hilarious scenes

such a pointless entry..well time to delete these pics off my pc then. i expect i'll be having a bunch of these picture upload pointless entries for a few days.

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32 - Hiatus!

May. 14th, 2010 | 04:08 pm
mood: determineddetermined

for four days :D
if any of you see me commenting anywhere in the next 4 days, please yell at me to get out :'D

Bio exams next! i KNOW i can excel it if i just sit and review it all without getting on the computer at given oppurtunity..SAMURAI POWER FIGHTING! Yosh~


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30 - why oh why!?

May. 12th, 2010 | 07:14 pm
mood: tiredtired

Chem exam went quite bad T_T
i felt VIOLATED by it *shudder*
i just felt ridiculously stupid cuz some of the questions if i just had read a certain note page one time carefully i woulda known the answer..sadly out of the whole exam i was only  sure of about 20% of the answers o_o

anyway paper 3 for chem tommorrow. its on stuff we've never touched in class..n i havta learn 2 units i don't know squat about at all for tommorrow. oh well an all nighter should do it..60 pages to cover in the next 12 hours is totally possible! futile attmepts ftw! -_-
why can't Ryo really be my study buddy? i'd actually WANT to study then

on a brighter note, going through stashes of old notes in hopes of finding lined paper (which i still haven't found) to start studying on, look what i found! class notes with Ryo sketches on the side :D this brought my day up a bit :Db
2008 feels like eons ago for some reason o.o i can't remember the last time i drew anything ;__; 2 years isn't a very long time but it sure feels like ages!

*sorry for double post today .__.

omy! newskattuneito 's post just reminded me ..today is NewS' 6th anniversary since kibou!! :D :D
here's to having WAY MORE activities guys! kanpai!^^

I've loved every moment i've been in this fandom so far ^__^ its my longest lasting interest i've taken in anything ...heck i have no clue what in the world my daily past time activity would be if i had never known NEWS! o.o it seems..impossible. i can't seem to remember what i did 4 years ago before all this craziness :P i personally never thought i'd turn into one of those 'fangirls' all squeely about their idol & caring so much about them & getting all the updates n  such o_o! but i have & i'm so glad i did :)

random question for u guys, how has fandom impacted you? like has ur way of thinking changed? or the hours u spend on the computer?

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29 - 2 year old fanart

May. 12th, 2010 | 09:26 am
mood: tiredtired


my chem exam is in 3 hours n i feel DEAD. i got around 7 hours of sleep but i slept at an awkward time n now my biological clocks all screwed up n my eyes r blood shot.
well anyways while i'm calmly accepting my predetermined failure in certain questions that are just bound to show up, here are some fanarts i found in my documents that i did...2-3 years ago that i never posted
here u go nishikii ^_^

this one was for an art show i did. it was quite big the entire thing didn't fit on my scanner D: and well it was super rushed (i was literally workign on it right until the second i handed it in) aiya i realise now i never fixed the ear & lips i wanted to. also, the eyes got pretty messed..you know hwo when u use dark graphite n then it becomes all shiny & even if u erase it just refuses to go away? well that happened and i couldn't fix the eyes ;__; 
lj is being mean & won't let me upload any more pics D: so i guess i'll upload them sometime later :)
also, if u want to see more, i'd uploaded them to misetekure_je comm 2 years ago so u can check them out there if u'd like ;)  http://community.livejournal.com/misetekure_je/22626.html#cutid1

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May. 10th, 2010 | 02:25 pm
mood: highhigh

first of all lemme get this out
i swear in the name of kami that i won't touch another literary classic. ever.
both english papers done finally!
todays exam went much better!
i prepared one thing for the essay, and the question i got was PERFECT for it. so go me :D
im this excited for the end of english literature class :D :D *keeps beaming*

on second note, i lol-ed myself silly at Ryo kicking girl out of cab rumour
ROFLMFAO im so amused. *continue hysterical laughter*
but i do wonder what the heck the girl was thinking getting into the cab in the first place with him...
also, i wonder how these stories get out. does the butthurt girl rigth after getting kicked out run to a crappy newspaper n tell them ?? o_O
well anyway my stance is PICTURES OR IT DIDNT HAPPEN.
Ryo gets the most lultastic rumours...first biting..then peeing in corridors n now this!? why no pictures DX
atleast there's something to hear from mr.samuraipuddingweirdo
Oh Ryo A+

btw see that girl in the top left corner? she looks so gloomy =/ if that was me n yamapi was in my presence id be like the toma gif the whole time >_> ID TAKE UR SPOT ANYDAY LADY >:T
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25 - Happy birthday Yoko!

May. 8th, 2010 | 11:49 pm

what can I say? This boy man is amazing <3

though I haven't been a fan of kanjani8 for very long, nor have I seen alot of their shows (must catch up one day!) Yoko is one of the big reasons why I was drawn into k8 so fast :D
He's hilarious, weird, loves his membahs, an adorkable gaming nerd, a SHY BOY (*still loling that janiben episode*), great actor, writes sweet lyrics & well, just made of sheer awesometastic win-- a true genuine person :) 

btw, why is Yoko known as Peter pan? If comeone could tell me that'd be great :D ah i see thanks guys :)

also, i HATE the books 'To the lighthouse' & 'As I lay dying of boredom' & 'Scarlet letter'
I know I know they're classics, but i haven't been able to get into them/understand it. All of them felt like acid being poured over my eyes & then being set on fire >_< & not havign read them compeletely is slapping me in the face now that I have an exam to write an essay on them monday -_-;; Maybe if a character was named Yoko i'd probably read the whole thing but no. hmph.

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24 - lolwhut.

May. 6th, 2010 | 09:54 am

umm what? xD
oh Ryo.

i wonder what the nature of these photoshoots are though..does someone say "do this shige-like pose!" or do they say "do something random" and then he does this..though i dunno he gets embarrased painfully fast when he's alone :P
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23 - *sobs*

May. 5th, 2010 | 09:50 am

is there any way to purchase the ticket n get the strap internationally? ?
srsly. This country needs to do things like this i might actually then become a regular person & go to the movies once in a decade

But i AM insaney happy his tickets are selling so well! :'D 
Guess my prayers are being answered after all
Good for you Nishipurin! Show those idiot directors who don't hire you who'se AWESOMETASTIC 8D

*whines endlessly about not being able to go ;_______;*
i don't care if i wouldn't understand 60% of what they're saying, i'd still go

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21 - WHERE IS THIS FROM.. anyone? :)

May. 3rd, 2010 | 01:49 am
location: world of undead

wow i stopped posting during my last year's exams..n now this year's exams are TOMMORROW and im posting now -_-''

right under my file named 'school projects' in my documents..i have this layout from someone on lj i saved thinking it was Ryo&Maru (fyi Saito-san's face was cut off due to the layout so i assumed for some odd reason it was maru..the hair? but maru isnt even that tall so idek)
anyway does anyone knwo what scan its from ..or if its their lj's layout? i tried going through all my friend's ljs but couldn't find it * its just buggign me whenever i see it before going to open my school files XD
i'd really love to see the scans for this! Ryo looks so darn fanboyish (as always) :3
heck i'd have the same face too if i got to take a picture with Ryo!

Thank you ryoislove for quickly solving my 2am dilemma ! ;D now off to bed for me :)b
Thank you nishikii for uploading &  linking me to HQ scans of it! :D
You gusy are awesome

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